NetCloud Manager – Applications Tab


The Applications Tab within NCM allows you to purchase, try and manage applications within NCM.



The Applications tab will display all available applications.

You can purchase or try an application by selecting the appropriate button.

Once your account has the application entitled the Buy and Try buttons will be replaced by a Manage button.

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Clicking Try will create a trial entitlement for 10 devices.

Clicking Buy will bring up a tab for locating a partner to purchase the entitlement.

By clicking Manage you can Add or Remove devices. You can also determine which devices are entitled.

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To Add a device to an entitlement click the Add button. You will be presented with a dialog to select routers to add. You can locate devices with the Search field by Name or MAC or Product as needed. Place a checkmark next to the device(s) you wish to add to the entitlement and the press Save.

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To Remove devices from an entitlement, select the device(s) you wish to remove and then press Remove.

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In the right column you can find the following information:

  • Entitlement Details
    • Available: Remaining entitlements
    • Assigned: How many entitlements have been applied to devices
    • Non NCM Devices: Devices with this entitlement that are not in NCM
    • Total Allowed: Total number of entitlements purchased.
  • Buy More: Buy more entitlements
  • Features: What the entitlement offers
  • Requirements: Any requirements placed upon the entitlement
  • Support Products: Which Cradlepoint products will work with this application
  • Supported NetCloud OS Version: NCOS requirements for devices to use this entitlement

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