NetCloud Manager: Dashboard Tab


The NetCloud Manager Dashboard gives an analytics overview of your devices, particularly your WAN interfaces, using charts and tables. Data is displayed for the last 30 days.

Dashboard Sub-tabs

The dashboard contains the following sub-tabs:

  • Home – displays views of the following:
    • Routers/APs Online
    • Routers/APs Offline
    • Routers/APs Initialized
    • Total (devices)
    • Ethernet WAN Data Usage
    • Modem Data Usage
    • WiFi as WAN Data Usage
    • Connected Modem Count by Home Carrier
    • Connected Modem Count by Service Type
    • Device Count by Product
    • WAN Data Usage by Day
    • Group Status Overview
    • Alerts by Type
    • Modem Devices over 1 GB
  • GeoView – displays a map with the physical locations of the devices in an account which have location services enabled.
  • Uptime – displays uptime views for the following:
    • Total WAN Uptime
    • Daily WAN Uptime
    • Group Uptime
    • Router Uptime
  • Modem Usage – displays modem usage views by the following categories:
    • Connected Modem Count by Home Carrier
    • Data Usage by Carrier
    • Carrier Data Usage by Day (within billing period)
    • Carrier Data Usage Forecast
    • Group Data Usage by Carrier
    • Device Data Usage by Carrier
  • Clients – displays views of client usage by the following:
    • Client Source
    • Clients Connected by Day
    • Average Clients Per Day
    • Total Number of Clients
    • Average Usage Per Client
    • Average Download Per Client
    • Average Upload Per Client
    • Top 10 Clients
    • All Clients
  • Traffic – displays views of traffic data by the following categories:
    • Top Categories
    • Top Applications
    • Percentage of Total Usage
    • Data Usage by Day
    • Average Usage Per Day
    • Average Download Per Day
    • Average Upload Per Day
    • Data Usage by
      • Category
      • Application
      • Router
      • Client
      • Day


Hints for using the Dashboard


  • Modems without an active connection (e.g., modems that are set for failover) may not always show the carrier or service type in the modem count charts.
  • Click on a group name in Group Status Overview to link to a list of that group’s devices displayed on the DEVICES page.
  • Click on an alert type in Alerts By Type to link to a list of alerts of that type displayed on the ALERTS & LOGS page.


WAN Data Usage by Day


  • A “day” is defined by a 24-hour period beginning at midnight UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Depending on the device’s time zone, a “day” might begin at, e.g., 8:00 p.m. local time. (Compare your local time to current UTC.)
  • The data is summarized at the end of each 24-hour period, so today’s data will not appear in this chart until tomorrow, after that summary is completed.
  • Highlight a section of the graph to drill down to view data for just a few dates. Click the Reset zoom button to return to the 30-day view.
  • Click on a WAN type (e.g., “Ethernet”) to toggle its display.

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