NetCloud Manager: Traffic Analytics

NetCloud Manager: Traffic Analytics

The following products do not support Traffic analytics:

  • Series 2 Devices
  • CBA850
  • CBA750B
  • CBA400
  • CBA450
  • MBR1200B
  • MBR1400
  • IBR350
  • IBR1100
  • IBR1150
  • IBR600B
  • IBR650B
  • IBR600
  • IBR650

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This article is intended to guide the user through navigating, configuring, and understanding the NetCloud Manager Traffic Analytics feature.

Enabling the Traffic Analytics feature requires NCM Enterprise.  To learn more about NCM Enterprise, including setting up a demo, please visit Network Management & Applications .


Enabling Traffic Analytics Difficulty: Beginner

Traffic analytics can be enabled through NCM under the account dashboard or in the device dashboard after selecting specific device.

To enable Traffic Analytics, follow the directions listed below.

Step 1: Log into your NCM account
Step 2: If your router is not already registered to NCM, refer to this article for help registering your device to NCM.  Otherwise, skip to the next step.

User-added image

Step 3: Click on the Dashboard tab.
Step 4: Click on Traffic tab underneath the Dashboard menu.
Step 5: Click on the Settings button.
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Step 6: Find the device you wish to enable Traffic Analytics on on (either through the list or through the search bar) and check the associated box.
Step 7: Click on the Enable button above the top of the devices table, and then click on “Client and Traffic”.
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Step 8: The prompt will ask if you are sure you wish to enable the feature, select Yes.

Note: After enabling Traffic Analytics for a device it will take 24 hours to start showing reported data.

Note: The same process can be completed through the device dashboard by clicking the same Traffic menu button.

Dashboard vs Device Level

Traffic Analytics can be found under both the account dashboard and the device dashboard.
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Account Traffic Analytics can be viewed by clicking on the Dashboard button and clicking on the Traffic button under the account dashboard menu.
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Device Traffic Analytics can be viewed by clicking on the Devices button, selecting the desired device from the list, and clicking on the Traffic button under the devices dashboard menu.
Both Client Data Analytics pages will present the same information, but the device level will only present information on clients connected to that particular device.

Adjust Data Range and Category Difficulty: Beginner 

The Traffic Analytics page has settings to specify the desired data range time period, the category of traffic to present on the page and data source information.  This can help present only the relevent information desired for a particular user.  To change these settings follow the directions listed below:

Step 1: Log into your NCM account.
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Step 2: Access the Traffic Analytics page through the account or device dashboard
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Step 3: To change the data range, click on the Data Range field and select from YesterdayLast 7 DaysLast 15 DaysLast 30 Days, or Custom Range to specify a broader date range.
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Step 4: To change the data source, click on the Data Source field and select from AllEthernet, WiFi, or Unknown to specify what types of client data types you want to have displayed.
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Step 5: You see which categories of data and applications are using what percentage of the total data used by scrolling down to the Top Categories and Top Applications sections.
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Step 6: You can view what percentage of your data is being used by which category and which application by scrolling down to the Percent of Total Usage and Data Usage by Day sections.
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Step 7: Filter the type of data displayed by category by clicking on the drop down menu for Category.
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Step 8: Filter the type of data displayed by application by clicking on the drop down menu for Application.
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Step 9: The last section of the page shows Data Usage by Category, Application, RouterClient, or Day.  Select one of these filters to view specific data usage numbers such as total data usage, download and upload data for the selected filter.


  • No traffic statistics displayed

If you are viewing the Traffic Analytics page on the Dashboard and there is nothing displayed, please check the following:

Traffic Analytics may not have enabled for the device.
The device might have been added recently (within 24 hours) and does not yet have data to display.

  • “Not Available” displayed in app category field

    Traffic category/application may result in “Not Available” when the application engine cannot categorize the traffic.  This may be caused if:

1. Application is not one of the applications identified by the engine; including any home-grown applications

2. Traffic is tunneled/encrypted not allowing the engine to inspect the application


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