NetCloud: Subscribing to NetCloud Status Updates

Beverly McRae


The Cradlepoint NetCloud Status page at allows you to subscribe to changes in NetCloud status (i.e. Upcoming maintenance) through either email, SMS, webhook, Atom Feed, or RSS Feed.



Configuration Difficulty: Easy
  • Step 1: Open a browser and navigate to the Cradlepoint NetCloud Status page.                                                                     User-added image
  • Step 2: Click the Subscribe to Updates button at the top of the page                                                                 User-added image
  • Step 3: Choose your preferred method of notification and enter the required information.
    • For email: enter your email address.
    • For SMS: enter your mobile number.
    • For webhook: enter the URL we should send the webhooks to and the email we’ll send you email if your endpoint fails.
    • For Atom or RSS Feed: click either on Atom Feed or RSS Feed and copy the HTML code for your use.
  • Step 4: Click Subscribe via __ button.                                                                                                                                          User-added image
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