What Pole Mount Do I Need For A Solar Powered Wireless Modem?

Beverly McRae

Designing a photovoltaic solar system destined to supply the energy needs of a transmitting and receive wireless radio modem involved elements very different than a system designed as grid tied, or to connect to AC power devices. The attached devices have low energy demands, energy remains in DC (no invertor is used to create AC power), panel mounting space is minimal, and environmental conditions can be harsh.

Choosing A Pole Mount

For the panel installation pole mounts will house up to 140 Watt in a single panel for a compact pole mount installation. These can be installed so the pole has two panels with minimal shading impact on the lower panel. Larger panels may require different bracing for the pole and mount. Panels will install angled toward the equator. For North America, this array azimuth is 180 degrees, due south. You should have a clear access to the sun in a southerly facing mount. Other compass headings are feasible with a corresponding loss in productivity. Their pitch or array tilt angle is based on the location they are used in and how the system is optimized.

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