Potential Data Usage Generated by a Cradlepoint Router and NetCloud Manager (NCM)

NETCloud Manager

The default NCM configuration generates the approximate data usage that is presented below. Protocol and carrier overhead can increase these values but these values do provide a generally good rule of thumb for data generated by use of NCM.

IMPORTANT: Things that could dramatically increase your data usage:

  1. Enabling logging, stats and alerting
  2. A high number of events being logged on the router
  3. Firmware upgrades pushed from NCM
  4. Modem disconnecting and reconnecting loops.

Routers managed through NCM:

  • By default, a Connection Pulse that are approximately 66 bytes is sent to NCM every 2 minutes.
    So 720 heartbeats/day x 66 bytes = 47520 bytes/day, 47520 bytes/day x 30 = 1,425,600 bytes/month (1.43 MB/month).
  • By default Usage Reporting that are approximately 10-20KB per report (depending on how many WAN devices are utilized on the Cradlepoint router) are sent to NCM every hour.
    So 20 KB/hour x 24 = 480 KB/day; 480 KB/day x 30 = 14400 KB/month (.014 GB/month or 14 MB/month)
  • By default Log Reports that are approximately 100KB (depending on how many events are logged on the router) are sent to NCM every hour. These reports can vary in size dramatically depending on events that are logged on the router; client connects/disconnect, modem state, etc.
    So a minimum amount of data sent would be 100 KB/hour x 24 hours = 2400 KB/day; 2400 KB/day x 30 = 72000 KB/month (.069 GB/month or 69 MB/month).

Routers not managed through NCM:

  • Every time the router is powered on it sends a 50 byte heartbeat to the NCM Server and then sends a heartbeat every 86400 seconds, (once per day).
    So the volume of data generated is approximately 50 bytes/day x 30 days = 1500 bytes/month (.0000014 GB/month or .0014 MB/month).

(The timers above can be adjusted higher or lower, depending on your data caps).

Advanced Failure Check

A ping packet is 64 bytes of data. If Advanced Failure Check set to an Idle Check Interval to 3600 (1 ping per hour) would generate 64 bytes/hour x 24 hours = 1536 bytes/day.
Then 1536 bytes/day x 30 days = 46080 bytes/month (.000042 GB/month or .042 MB/month).

NOTE: Increasing the time interval on NCM check in or Advanced Failure Check will cause data generation to increase.

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