What is SCI/RCI?

Beverly McRae

SCI (Server Command Interface) is one of the web services interfaces used by Digi International that allows users to perform commands and access information that relate to their device. Digi International’s iDigi platform may use this to pass remote commands to a device. Many of those commands utilize RCI (Remote Command Interface), a protocol that establishes settings and capabilities specific to each device. Examples of these requests include retrieving and setting configurations and amending parameters in Digi Transport and Digi connect products, pushing firmware updates, collecting and modifying files, working with Zigbee and XBee devices, retrieving device statuses, rebooting a device, and messaging to the device.

An SCI request is composed of XML that is POSTed to the iDigi cloud. USAT technical services can assist you with leveraging the application services within the iDigi M2M device cloud.

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