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Series 1 & 2: How do I connect to the Internet with a WiMAX 4G Modem?

If you are unsure of the Series and model of the CradlePoint router, click here.


I cannot access the Internet through my Series 1 or 2 CradlePoint while it is connected to my WiMAX phone.


If you are having trouble connecting to the internet using a 4G or WiMAX modem, you may need to update your router firmware and identify the “realm” of your carriers network.  Carriers broadcast mobile broadband signals in different ways.  Like a radio, setting the realm manually specifies which carrier’s network is being used.


Ensure the router has the most recent firmware and WiMAX modem driver file installed.  Click here to learn how to check your version of firmware.  Click here to learn how to update the firmware on your CradlePoint.

Selecting The 4G/WiMAX Realm:

Click here to learn how to set the realm on your CradlePoint.

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