Series 2: How do I view my CradlePoint router’s log files and features?

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The Logs allow you to track activity, failures, firewall activity, connection and disconnection of WAN devices, DDNS (Dynamic DNS) updates, VPN connections (VPN enabled routers only) and many other events taking place inside your router. Logs are a very useful tool in troubleshooting and monitoring your router’s status at any given time.

To view your router’s logs, log into the router’s admin pages and select the Status tab then ‘Logs’ from the left menu.

Log Options

This section allows you to turn on and off the visibility of various message types and levels. There are three types: Firewall & Security, System, and Router Status. There are also three levels for each type: Critical, Warning, and Informational.

By un-checking the various log option check boxes and selecting the ‘Apply Log Settings Now’ button you will remove those message from view in the Log Details section (even though they are still generated.) This can be particularly useful when you would like to only monitor the router for critical errors and warnings. Any disabled messages and be re-enabled by selecting their check box then ‘Apply Log Settings Now.’

Log Details

The Log Details section allows you to see information generated from the activities of the router such as administrators logging in and out, IP address assignments to clients, Dynamic DNS updates, email activity from the router, packets blocked by your firewall, and even the progress of a VPN connection on VPN-enabled routers.

From this section, you can Clear, Refresh, Email your logs, or Save your logs to your machine. We recommend saving a log file when you are having difficulties with your router that require you to call our Support team. By doing so, we can more easily diagnose what may be causing the problems you are experiencing. In other cases, you may simply want to document the activities of your router for future reference, or keep an eye on the computers being handed IP addresses. 


Refresh updates the current log entries visible in the list. New entries will continue normally after you refresh the list. This is handy when you are waiting for a process such as Dynamic DNS updates to complete.



Clearing the logs simply empties the list. Log entries will continue normally after you clear the list and can be re-cleared at any time.


Save Log

Save log will save a local copy of the current log entries to you machine in a standard text format. This file can later be saved or emailed as needed.

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