Series 3: Can I use my Apple iPhone as an internet source?

Beverly McRae

This article is written for series 3 products on the 4.3.2 or 5.0.0 firmware version.

If you are not sure which series or model CradlePoint router you have, click here.Symptom:

I cannot connect to the internet through my CradlePoint while using my iPhone as a form of internet.


The Apple iPhone is not a supported modem.  A CradlePoint router will not be able to recognize the Apple iPhone when it is connected to the router via the USB port.


Check if your version of the Apple iPhone has the capability to create a Wi-Fi HotSpot (You may be subject to additional charges from your carrier). If it does, you may be able to access the internet by using your CradlePoint router’s Wi-Fi as WAN feature to connect to the iPhone’s HotSpot. Instructions on configuring WiFi as WAN can be found here.

Alternatively, click here to view the list of officially supported modems for each CradlePoint router.

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