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Series 3: How do I check the firmware version on my CradlePoint router?

If you are unsure what model or series router you have click here.

This article was written based on the 5.0.0 series 3 firmware version. If you have a Series 2 product, please refer to this article.

In some cases, a router needs to have a specific firmware version installed in order to recognize and correctly use a modem. This article describes different ways of checking the router and modem firmware versions on a Series 3 CradlePoint router.


If you are not sure how to access the administrative console of your CradlePoint router, click here.

Checking Router Firmware – Method 1

  1. If you are not automatically redirected to your router’s Dashboard page upon logging in, click on the Status tab, and select Dashboardfrom the drop-down menu.                                                               User-added image
  2. The router’s firmware version is displayed under the Router Information section.

Checking Router Firmware – Method 2

  1. Click on the System Settings tab, and select System Software from the dropdown.  User-added image
  2. The router’s firmware version is listed as the Current Firmware Version, within the Firmware Upgrade box.

Checking Modem Firmware – Method 1

  1. Click on the Status tab, and select Internet Connections from the dropdown.
  2. Select your modem in the Device List.                                                    User-added image
  3. The modem firmware version will be listed in the Device Information below.

Checking Modem Firmware – Method 2
NOTE: This method will work only with the ARC and COR series products.

  1. Click on the Internet tab, and select Connection Manager from the dropdown.
  2. Select your modem in the WAN Interfaces list, and click Control.           User-added image
  3. Click on the Firmware button in the Update/Activate Device window.                        User-added image
  4. The firmware version will be displayed as the Current Version within the Firmware Upgrade box.  User-added image

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