Series 3: How do I clone my computer’s MAC Address on a CradlePoint Router?

Beverly McRae

This article was written based on Series 3 firmware version 5.0.0If you are unsure of what your router’s Series or Model number is, please click here.Summary:In certain cases, it may be necessary to clone a computer’s MAC address within a CradlePoint in order to establish a connection to a Cable, DSL, or Satellite modem. This article describes the steps necessary to do this.Directions:Finding your computer’s MAC address:

  1. Get to your computer’s Command Line Terminal (do a search on the Internet on how to do this for your particular Operating System)
  2. Type ipconfig /all and hit enter.
  3. Look for a Physical Address under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection, and write it down.

Cloning the MAC address in your router:

  1. Connect to your router and access its administrative console. Click here if you are not sure how to do this.
  2. Click on the Network Settings tab, then select Connection Manager from the drop-down. User-added image
  3. In the WAN Interfaces section, click on the line corresponding to your Ethernet connection and click EditUser-added image
  4. Click on the Ethernet Settings tab within the WAN Configuration window.                                                                                                                
  5. Enter your Physical Address in the MAC Address box and then click SubmitUser-added image
  6. Disconnect the router from the modem.
  7. Power off both the router and the modem.
  8. Power on just the CradlePoint and wait for it to fully boot up.
  9. Power on the modem and wait for it to establish an internet connection.
  10. Reconnect the two devices with an Ethernet cable.

Your modem should now see the CradlePoint with the cloned MAC address, allowing a successful connection.

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