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Series 3: How come my CradlePoint router is not connecting to the internet?

If you are unsure of the Series and Model of the CradlePoint Router, click here.

This article was written based on firmware version 4.4.0.


This article is for Series 3 CradlePoint routers.  It covers some basic troubleshooting steps to take if you are experiencing internet connection issues, such as no internet or intermittent internet connectivity.

Pre-Check items:

1. Ensure that you can get online with your modem connected directly to your computer.
– If you cannot, please contact your service provider or modem manufacturer. Otherwise, please proceed with steps outlined further in this article.
**NOTE: If you are using one of our modems, this test will not work.**

2. You will want to make sure your firmware is up to date before proceeding, as a firmware update could resolve your issue.
**NOTE: Before you do an update, be sure to check the firmware release notes to verify that your modem is supported on that new firmware.**
– Click here for directions on how to update your firmware on the router.
– Click here to update the firmware on one of OUR supplied Internal or External Modems if you have an internet connection.
– Click here to download a zipped folder containing the directions and file for updating the modem firmware manually.

3. You will want to check your signal strength to determine if your issue is signal strength related, directions on how to do so can be found here.
**NOTE: You may not have a signal strength if there is no connection at all, this mainly pertains to an unstable connection.**

4.  If you are in a 3g only area or if your modem only connects on 3g in your computer, then you will want to force the modem to 3g in our router.
– Click here to force an LTE modem to 3g.
– Click here to force a WiMAX modem to 3g.

If your firmware is up to date, your signal strength is good, and the modem works in a computer directly then proceed on.


1. Log into your router’s administration pages, if you are unsure how, click here.

2. Click on the Internet Tab then click on the Connection Manager from the drop down.

User-added image

3. While on this page check the State of your Modem.
**NOTE: Your modem may be different that what is listed here.**

User-added image

The State of the Modem will determine what to do next.
State Actions
Unconfigured Usually will not stay in this state for long, will usually change to Suspended or Connecting, if your modem stays at Unconfigured, click on the modem to highlight it blue and expand it open with more information.  There should be an ERROR (below is how to troubleshoot the errors).
Connecting Nothing. The modem is trying to connect.  If it stays at this state, you may want to check your signal strength here, or check your system logs under Status > System Logs.
Connected Nothing, if the modem is indicating that it is connected, but you still cannot get out to the internet, check for DNS issues here.
Available Nothing, Modem is ready to connect, but will not connect unless the modem above it in priority has failed / lost connection, or if you enable Load Balancing.
Not Activated You may need to activate your modem, click on your corresponding carrier for directions on how to do so: IBR600E/IBR650E | AT&T | Verizon | Clear | Sprint
Activating Nothing. The modem is in the process of trying to activate.  This can take up to 24 hours, but usually takes no more than 10 minutes.
Dormant Modem is in a sleep mode.  Try disconnecting and re-connecting the modem.  In some cases, you’ll need to insert the modem into a computer to re-activate it before plugging it back into the CradlePoint router.
Suspended Click on the modem listed and it will expand open and highlight blue with additional information, you are looking for the ERROR that is listed.


The Error shown under the Modem will determine what to do next.
Error Action
CARRIER REJECT If you have or are supposed to have a Static IP from your Cellular carrier you may need to manually set the APN, you will need to call your carrier to get the correct APN. For all others, you can try different APN names to troubleshoot. If this alternative doesn’t work, call your carrier.Here is how to change the APN in of a Series 3 CradlePoint Router.
NO CARRIER CradlePoint recommends contacting your ISP to have them double check your connection, and make sure the SIM card / modem is provisioned properly.
NO SIM The SIM card is not inserted, it is inserted improperly, either the SIM or the port for the SIM may be bad, or you have an incorrect size of SIM card.If the SIM is inserted properly, and is the correct size, and you are still getting the NO SIM error, then you need to test the SIM card in a different device to eliminate the SIM being the issue.Here is the correct Size SIM for use in CradlePoint products.
BUSY Reset your Modem, if that does not work call your Internet Service Provider.Click the following link and proceed to step 5 BUT, instead of clicking Firmware, click RESET.  Here is the link.
IP CONFLICT The CradlePoint is detecting an IP Conflict, usually this happens when there is something on the network that has the same IP address as the one of CradlePoint’s networks.  This can also be due to an incorrectly configured modem, and/or it can be an incorrect configuration on the CradlePoint.

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