Series 3: How do configure Dual Band WiFi on the CradlePoint AER 2100?

Beverly McRae

If you are unsure of which CradlePoint Series or Model number, please click here.This article was written based on firmware version 5.0.0.Overview:

With the introduction of the AER 2100, CradlePoint has a router that supports dual band concurrent WiFi.  The AER 2100 is capable of broadcasting WiFi on the 2.4 GHz & 5.0 GHz frequency bands simultaneously.  The AER 2100 is capable of up to 4 SSID’s per frequency band, and each SSID can be added to its own LAN, all on the same LAN, or set up on different LANs to fit your needs.  This article will show how to enable both the 2.4 and the 5.0 frequency band WiFi, edit their SSID’s and Passwords, and adding them to each their own LAN.Configuration:

  1. Log into the router’s Administration page, if you are unsure how click here.
  2. Click on Network Settings then WiFi / Local Networks.                                               User-added image
  3. Under the Local Network Interfaces section click the tab of the WiFi Radio you would like to turn on, and then click Enable if it is not already enabled.                                                                                         User-added image
  4. Once enabled you can edit the SSID’s, passwords, and other options by placing a check in the box next to the WiFi Name you want to alter, and click Edit.                                                           User-added image
  5. After configuring your SSID, if it is not attached to a Network, you will need to do so before it will be functional.  You can attach the SSID to an existing Network, or you can create a new Network (instructions here) and then attach the SSID to it.  Place a Check next to the Network that you would like to attach the SSID to, and click Edit.                                                 User-added image
  6. Click on the Interfaces tab, select the SSID you configured from the Available window, click the which will move it to the Selected window, then click Submit.                                                                                     User-added image
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