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Series 3: How do I configure IP Pass-Through on my CradlePoint router?

CradlePoint routers that currently support IP Pass-Through are the: CBA750B, CBR400, CBR450, IBR600, IBR650, and MBR1400

If you are unsure of CradlePoint Series or Model number, please click here.

This article was written based on firmware version 5.0.0

Things to know before getting started:

  • These instructions are based on firmware version 4.0.3 for Series 3 Routers that support the IP Pass-through feature.  If the router’s firmware is not up to date, update before proceeding, How to update Firmware.
  • When IP Pass-through is enabled, the first device connected to the router receives the modems public IP address.  This means that any OTHER devices connected to the router will not be able to access the internet.

Configuring IP-Pass-through

There are two ways to configure IP Passthrough.

The first is to use the IP Passthrough Setup wizard available under the Getting Started tab.  This wizard will automatically apply the settings for IP passthrough.

User-added image

The second is to configure in manually by following the below steps.

  1. Connect a computer to the router via Ethernet (you will be disabling the WiFi on the Primary LAN) then log into the routers administration page (login instructions).
  2. Click  the Network Settings tab then select Wi-Fi/Local Networks.                                         User-added image
  3. Locate Primary LAN, put a check mark next to it then click Edit.
  4. (This step only necessary on the MBR1400, IBR600, and CBR400) In the new window click on the Interfaces tab.  In the Selected box, click on the WiFi network and click the minus button.User-added image
  5. Then click the IPv4 Settings tab and change the Routing Mode to IP Pass-through.                                                                                                     User-added image
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Verify that the Internet is still available on the connected computer.
  8. Verify that the IP address is same as the modems IP.

Trouble Shooting IP Pass-Through:

  1. If the settings saved correctly and the connected computer is works properly but after connecting the router to a different device it does not work as expected, consider the following:
    • Often, IP Pass-Through requires a MAC address bound to it in order to work properly.  To do this, return to the screen presented on step 4 then re-perform step 5.  In the Pass-through, reservation field type the IP address of the device that you want to configure IP Pass-through for.
    • Then click Submit.
  2. If IP-pass-through works (device behind router receives the modems IP address), but you are unable to open ports, consider the following:
    • Many 4g networks assign private, double-NAT’d private IP addresses  Often these IP addresses start with 10.x.x.x.   If you have this type of IP address, no port forwarding or remote access will be possible due to the cellular carrier’s network configuration.  This is not a limitation imposed by the CradlePoint router.
    • In Pass-Through mode, the router is not performing any routing, so it is very likely that the cellular carrier is blocking ports.
    • If the CradlePoint router is unable to  acquire a connection through the modem it will automatically issue your device a DHCP IP address.  This can also occur if the router detects the computer connected BEFORE it connects to the modem.  Performing an IP refresh/renew on your device will typically resolve this error.

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