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Series 3: How do I configure known hosts on my CradlePoint router?

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This article was written based on firmware version 5.0.0.


Add host names to local computers and associate the host name to the IP addresses.


By default Series 3 routers only know each computer by its assigned IP Address.  By adding information in the known hosts configuration file your Series 3 router will associate a name to an IP.  For example, a work computer can associate its IP to the name Work.  Once associated references to the name Work is the same as referencing the IP address.


  1. Log into the router’s setup page (login instructions).
  2. In the Upper left of the screen right below the CradlePoint Logo, make sure you are in Advanced Mode.  If Basic is displayed click it to change to Advanced (only on some series 3 units).
  3. Click Network Settings then select DNS.
  4. Locate the Known Hosts Configuration area, near the bottom.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Fill in the Host name and IP of local computer.
  7. Click Submit
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