Series 3: How do I configure remote administration on my CradlePoint router?

Beverly McRae

If you are unsure of CradlePoint Series or Model number, please click here.

This article was written based on firmware version 5.0.0.


Configure remote access on a Series 3 CradlePoint router.


Ability to remotely access and administrate a CradlePoint router..


  1. Log into the routers administration page (login instructions).
  2. Click the System Settings tab.                                                                                        User-added image
  3. Click Administration.                                                                                                        User-added image
  4. Click on the Remote Management tab.                                                                        User-added image
  5. Check the Allow Remote Web Administration box.                                                   User-added image
  6. Record the HTTP Port number for future use.                                                             User-added image
  7. If you would like to use HTTPS, you can enable that check box now.  NOTE:  If enabling HTTPS allow 30 minutes before accessing the router.                                                                                                                          User-added image
  8. Click Apply then click OK on the warning dialog and OK again for the settings applied dialog.                           User-added image
  9. Configuration is complete, connect to your CradlePoint for remote web administration.

NOTE:  To access the the router from the internet the IP address must be known.  A DynDNS account or static IP address issued by your cellular carrier or ISP will maintain knowledge of the routers address.

To access the router from the Internet on a computer not on the CradlePoint router’s LAN, enter the [IP address]:[port number] or [DynDNS]:[port number]  into a web browser address bar.  For example:

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