Series 3: How do I configure a serial redirect on my CradlePoint router?

Beverly McRae

If you are unsure of your CradlePoint Series or Model number, please click here.
This article was written based on firmware version 4.1.1.Overview:

One feature of the Cradlepoint Series 3 product line is the Serial Redirector added in firmware version 3.3. This serial redirector option allows administrators to establish a console connection to hardware which the router is configured for. This allows for out-of-band management and troubleshooting of network equipment in the case of service outages. Once turned on, this feature is used by establishing a telnet client session with the router, which then redirects the telnet traffic to the attached console cable.

System Requirements:

Serial Redirect is currently supported on the following Cradlepoint Routers

  • MBR1400
  • CBR400
  • CBR450
  • COR IBR600
  • COR IBR650

A USB-to-serial adaptor that uses an FTDI chipset such is required to use this feature. For the COR products, a Micro-Mini USB adaptor will also be required. For more information on finding the right kind of adaptor, consult the guide in the following link; all the appropriate physical connections before beginning the configuration.

  • Connect the USB-to-serial adaptor to the USB port of the Cradlepoint router
  • Connect a console cable (RJ45-to-DB9) to USB-to-serial adaptor cable
  • Connect to console port of device you’re like to manage

Hardware Setup Example

  • Log into the setup pages (click here for instructions) of the router and navigate to System Settings > Serial Redirector
  • Check the Enabled box, and wait for Server Status to say Ready (NOTE: Server Status will read Starting and never change if there is a problem with the detection of the adaptor. This usually means the adaptor is not supported by the router)
  • Customize your configuration to match the requirements of the device the router will be establishing a serial connection with

The configuration options will need to be tested and adjusted to find a working configuration for your specific device. Some routers will require tweaks to the configuration for proper functionality.Administration page of router serial redirect setupBelow is a list of tested configurations of Serial connections to specific devices:·         Cisco 1841 – 9600/8/N/1. Linefeed needs to be changed to CR/LF Using your systems telnet client software (putty shown below), establish a session to the IP address of the router. The IP address you use will depend on if the Serial Redirector is configured for LAN, WAN, or both. In this example we’re establishing a session to the LAN IP address.Putty example SSH clientAfter the session is established you’ll be able to access the console of your deviceConsole session

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