Series 3: How do I configure and use SMS capabilities on my CradlePoint router?

Beverly McRae


SUMMARY:Beginning in firmware version 5.x.x, select CradlePoint routers offer SMS capabilities for limited remote management features.  This article is intended to provide steps to configure and use the SMS feature.


  • SMS – Text Messaging



  • One of the following CradlePoint Models: IBR600LE, IBR650LE, IBR600LP, IBR650LP, IBR600P, IBR650P, MC200LE, MC200LP, MC300LE, MC300LP
  • Firmware version 5.x.x or later.
  • Please verify with your mobile data carrier that SMS functionality is enabled on your mobile data plan. Please contact your mobile data carrier for information on text messaging rates and options so that you are fully aware of any potential expenses that may occur.



Cellular Modems communicate with the network across two channels, which is what allows the use of SMS communication even when the modem does not have an active data connection. However, there are some caveats to the use of SMS for management purposes that must be considered by an administrator.

  1. SMS messages are limited to 160 characters which is useful to be aware of depending on what information you are requesting from the router. Pulling logging info from the router via SMS is possible, but will entail multiple messages, as each line of a log entry has the potential to be longer than 160 characters.
  2. SMS is not a guaranteed delivery protocol. Carriers are unable to guarantee that the message will be delivered to the modem or that the response from the modem will be delivered to the sender.
  3. SMS messages are slow and can take anywhere from seconds to minutes to be delivered.
  4. SMS is not an encrypted protocol and all information is sent in clear text across the network. This includes passwords which are sent with every command string.

To utilize the SMS feature, you will need to know the Mobile Device Number (MDN) of the modem. This can be obtained under Status > Internet Connections in the CradlePoint’s Administration Pages. Select the Internal Modem and the MDN will be located in the Diagnostics section for the modem.


  1. Log into the CradlePoint Administration Pages.
  2. Navigate to System Settings > Administration and select the SMS tab.                    User-added image
  3. By default, SMS Support is enabled.
  4. By default the SMS Password is the Last 8 Characters of the Routers MAC Address. Here, you can configure a password that is unique to SMS Support (Remember, SMS is unencrypted, so this should be different than any other passwords on your router). Passwords can be between 1 and 16 characters.
  5. To further increase security of the SMS Support, you can specify what Phone Numbers the Modem will respond to via the White list. Format for the white list is 2085555555 (10-digit phone number with no punctuation). CradlePoint strongly suggests utilizing the White List functionality to limit SMS support to only the Phone Numbers of Administrators responsible for administering the CradlePoint.
  6. To locate you mobile number for the CradlePoint, go to Status > Internet Connections.
  7. Select The Internal Modem from the Device List.
  8. Locate the Mobile Directory Number in the Device Information box.                           User-added image


SMS COMMANDSThe basic command syntax for SMS is:


All SMS commands are preceded by the SMS Password. Additionally, the trailing comma is mandatory as it tells the Router that this is the end of the command string.Supported Commands:

help: Receive list of commands. (Note: Only Available in Firmware 5.1.0 or later)


reboot: Reboot the router (not the modem)
restore: Restore the router to factory defaults
rstatus: Get router status
This command returns info about the router along with port names for ports with attached modems.

Examples of response:

FW: v5.0.0
eth0: 10/100 Ethernet Switch: connected
int1: Internal LTE/EVDO: connected
mstatusGet Modem status1
Example: 1234,mstatus,  //return status of highest priority modem
Example: 1234,mstatus,int1,  //return status of internal modem
This command returns info about the indicated modems status. The info reflects the modem model number, service type, and connection status and values.
Example of response:
Model: Internal LTE/EVDO
Service: LTE
RSSI: -62 dbm
SINR: 13
APN: vzwinternet
IP Addr:
mreboot: Reboot the modem1
Example: 1234,mreboot,  //reboot the highest priority modem
Example: 1234,mreboot,int1,  //reboot the internal modem
apn: Set the APN on the modem (for SIM-based modems)1
Example: 1234,apn,broadband,  //set APN of highest priority modem
Example:1234,apn,broadband,int1,  //set APN of the internal modem
userpass: Set the modems authentication username and password1
Example: 1234,userpass,joe,mypassword,  //set information of highest priority modem
Example:1234,userpass,joe,mypassword,int1,  //set information of the internal modem
simpin: Set the SIM’s PIN1
Example:1234,simpin,5678,  //set simpin in highest priority modem
Example:1234,simpin,5678,int1,  //set simpin on the internal modem
log: Return a portion of the router log
Example:1234,log,  //return the top 10 items of the log
Example:1234,log,10,  //return items 10 through 20
Example:1234,log,40,  //return items 40 through 50
Sending log information via SMS will result in multiple SMS messages being sent, as each log entry can potentially exceed one text message character limit.

1The [port,] parameter is optional for these commands. It is used to specify a specific port to perform the action on. If not defined, the action will be performed on the highest priority modem.

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