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Series 3: How do I connect to a Verizon 4G LTE Jetpack using WiFi as WAN?

If you are unsure of CradlePoint Series or Model number, please click here. This article was written based on firmware version 5.0.0. Overview: The Verizon “Jetpack” 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot is not designed or supported for USB tethering to any CradlePoint router.  However a Series 3 CradlePoint router can connect to the WiFi of the Jetpack using the WiFi-as-WAN feature built into the CradlePoint.


  1. Make sure that the routers firmware is updated, firmware update instructions.
  2. Log into the routers administration page (login instructions).
  3. Make sure the router is in Advanced Mode instead of Basic Mode (CTR35 and MBR95 only).User-added image
  4. Click the Internet tab then WiFi as WAN.User-added image
  5. Next to WiFi Client Mode, click the WiFi as WAN button.                                                               User-added image
  6. Available wireless networks will begin to appear in the Site Survey section, it may take a few moments for all nearby networks to appear.
  7. Once the Verizon Jetpack wireless network appears on the Site Survey list select it then click Import. User-added image
  8. Enter the WPA Password password for the Jetpack then click Submit to save.                      User-added image

​ Once saved, this wireless network will be available as a WAN Interface under the Internet > Connection Manager menu.  The failover priority for this Wi-Fi as WAN connection may be changed.  The higher the position on the list the higher the failover priority. Please visit the following link if you experience issues with WiFi as WAN.   WiFi as WAN troubleshooting.

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