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Series 3: What is the default admin or WiFi password for the router?

This article pertains only to Series 3 routers. If you need assistance finding the default password for a Series 1 or 2 router, click here.
If you are not sure which series or model router you have, click here.


If the CradlePoint router has not yet been configured, or if it has been reset to factory defaults, it will be necessary to use the default password to connect to it wirelessly or to access its administrative console. By default, all Series 3 CradlePoint routers are configured to use the last eight characters of the router’s MAC address as the default password. This article describes how to find your router’s default password.


  1. Check the label on the bottom of your router.
  2. Look for a field marked as Default Password. It will be in the format 44XXXXXX. In the example below, the password is 44000000.

If the label does not have a Default Password field printed, use the last 8 characters, letters and numbers both, of the router’s MAC Address(alternatively called Wi-Fi MAC ID).


Note: If your router’s label is difficult to read, or there is no label at all, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your computer to the router using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open the Command Prompt application on your computer, and enter the following command:
    • arp –a
  3. Look for a device with the Internet Address matching your router ( by default). Write down the last 8 characters of its corresponding Physical Address, ignoring spaces, dashes, or colons. This will be the default password.

Note:  Passwords are case sensitive, and all letters must be entered lowercase. If you are putting in your default password and it doesn’t appear to be working, refer to this article.

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