Series 3: How do I enable advanced configuration mode?

Beverly McRae

This article was written for CradlePoint models MBR95 and CTR35, based on firmware versions 5.0.0 and 3.6.3 respectively.Click here if you are not sure which Series or Model CradlePoint router you have.


I cannot find the settings I want to change. Certain options I need to choose are not available.


Router models CTR35 and MBR95 have two configuration modes: Basic and Advanced. In Basic mode many settings are hidden to make the router’s interface easier to navigate, but sometimes it may be necessary to make configuration changes which would require the Advanced mode to be turned on. This article describes how to toggle between Basic and Advanced configuration modes.


  1. Log into your router’s administrative console. If you are not sure how to access your router’s administrative console, click here.User-added image
  2. Click on the Basic Mode button in the top left corner of the CradlePoint router’s administrative console.User-added image
  3. The button will turn dark grey, and will now be called Advanced Mode. Note that a lot of additional options are now available from the drop-down menus.User-added image

Note: To switch back to Basic Mode, just click on the dark grey Advanced Mode button.

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