Series 3: How do I enable the DHCP Relay option on my CradlePoint router?

Beverly McRae

The following article was based on 5.1.1 firmware.


This article will outline how to enable the DHCP Relay Option on capable Series 3 CradlePoint routers.


  1. Log in to the Administrative Pages of the CradlePoint.  Please click here for instructions on logging in.
  2. Click on the Network Settings tab, then click WiFi/Local Networks.User-added image
  3. Check the box next to the LAN you wish to apply the DHCP Relay and click Edit.User-added image
  4. Select the IPv4 DHCP tab.                                                                           User-added image
  5. Uncheck the box next to DHCP Server.                                                     User-added image                                                                           
  6. Check the box next to DHCP Relay and enter the IP of the DHCP server or router to be used.User-added image
  7. Click Submit to save changes.                                                                      User-added image
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