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Series 3: How do I enable Multiple Wireless Networks (SSIDs)?

Series 3: How to set up and use multiple (3 or 4) wireless networks on a capable CradlePoint router

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This article was written based on firmware version 5.0.0


Use more than the two default wireless networks on the CBR400, IBR600, MBR1200B or MBR1400.


The additional wireless networks must be enabled and attached to a LAN.


  1. Log into the administration pages of the CradlePoint router (how to log into Series 3 routers)
  2. Click on the Network Settings tab.
  3. Click Wi-Fi/Local Network from the Network Settings drop-down menu.
  4. Locate the Local Network Interfaces section and find an unconfigured WiFi Name (SSID).
  5. Click the check box next to one of the unconfigured wireless networks.                                   User-added image
  6. Then click Edit button to modify the unconfigured WiFi Network.  A Wireless Network Editor window will open.
  7. Place a check in the box next Enabled to turn on this WiFi Network (SSID).                           User-added image
  8. To create a network for the purpose of end users connecting to the Internet.  Leave Isolate checked.  To create a network to connect clients together uncheck the box next to Isolate.
  9. To enable security for this network click the Security Mode drop down menu then select the desired security mode.  This example usesWPA/WPA 2–Personal.                                                                User-added image
  10. Create a unique password 8 to 63 characters in length.  The password can be any combination of upper or lower case letters, numbers, special characters, or spaces.  Enter the password in both the WPA Password and WPA Password (confirm).
  11. Click Submit to save the changes.
  12. Scroll to the top of the page and in the Local IP Networks section, click the Add button.  NOTE:  This example illustrates creating a new LAN to connect to the new SSID, however the same settings can be used to connect the new SSID to an existing LAN.                              User-added image
  13. In the Local Network Editor, click on the Interfaces tab in the tabs along the top of the box.
  14. Select the new SSID from the Available list then click the plus (+) button.                                   User-added image
  15. Then click the IP Settings tab in the Local Network Editor window.                                      User-added image
  16. Now enter a name for the network, any name can be assigned.                                               User-added image
  17. Enter an IP Address for the network.  Any private addressing scheme and subnet can be used.  This example uses192.168.20.1/24.                                                                                                          User-added image
  18. Click the Submit button to save the changes.
  19. The new SSID should now be displayed and active in the Local IP Networks sections.User-added image

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