Series 3: How do I enter AT Dial commands?

Beverly McRae

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This article was written based up on firmware version 5.0.0.


This article will walk you through entering a modem’s AT dial script command into a Series 3 CradlePoint router, to be used whenever the router connects using this modem.



It can often be useful or necessary to manually enter AT dial commands into the router, for example, to assign a specific “Access Point Name” (APN) when connecting to a GSM provider (such as AT&T or T-Mobile, as well as many international mobile carriers).  When used with supported modems, Series 3 CradlePoint routers may be configured to connect using AT dial commands.

Note: Some AT dial string commands are generic, and other AT dial string commands may only work with a specific modem or brand of modem.  Your modem manufacturer may be able to provide a list of commands that your modem will support. Some modems (particularly LTE 4G modems) use QMI instead of AT dial scripting and will ignore any AT dial commands entered into the router.


Click here if you are unsure of how to access the CradlePoint router’s administration pages.

  1. Click on the Internet tab, and then select Connection Manager from the drop-down menu. User-added image
  2. Under WAN Interfaces, highlight the modem to use with the AT command, and then click EditUser-added image
  3. On the WAN Configuration screen, click the Modem Settings tab.User-added image
  4. Enter your AT Dial Script into the AT Dial Script field. User-added image
  5. Then click on the SIM/APN/Auth Settings tab, and verify that the Access Point Name is set to DefaultUser-added image
  6. Click Submit to save your settings. The modem will briefly disappear from the WAN Interfaces list, and then reappear and try to connect using the new dial command.

Common Scripts:

1. Here is a common AT dial script used to manually assign an APN to a specific SIM profile slot:


Replace [PROFILE SLOT] with the slot number (1-15) and [APN NAME] with your mobile carrier’s APN. A list of commonly used APNs for many mobile providers can be found here.
For example, to manually assign the AT&T APN “broadband” to SIM profile slot 1, you would enter:


To instead assign the AT&T APN “i2gold” to SIM profile slot 3, you would enter:


2. Here is another useful AT dial string (supported with many modems) that will “wake” the modem from airplane mode:


3. These commands can also be combined.  For example:


4. Your modem manufacturer may be able to provide a full list of commands that your modem will support.

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