Series 3: How do I factory reset my CradlePoint router?

Beverly McRae

If you are unsure of your CradlePoint Series or Model number, please click here.This article was written based on firmware version 5.0.0.



Symptom:Inability to access the CradlePoint router’s setup pages from any connected device.Cause:After making configuration changes you are unable to access the CradlePoint.  Changed the Wireless/WiFi or Administration password and are no longer able to access CradlePoint or setup pages.Resolution:Warning:  Performing a Factory Reset will erase all configuration changes that have been applied to the CradlePoint router

  1. Disconnect any devices that are connected physically to the CradlePoint, leave only the power cord connected to the router.
  2. With the router power ON use a straightened paper clip to press and hold the Reset Button on the CradlePoint router for at least 45 seconds.

Allow approximately 1 minute for the router to initialize and complete it’s boot up cycle before attempting to reconnect to the router.  The router has been returned to the original factory configuration, so be sure to use the default password and reconfigure WiFi security and/or any other configuration settings needed.

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