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Series 3: How do I go about changing the ethernet port mode of my CradlePoint router with one single Ethernet port?

This article applies only to the CBR400 and CTR35 router models, and was written based on 4.3.2 and 3.6.3 firmware versions respectively.


The CradlePoint CBR400 and CTR35 routers have one Ethernet port which can be configured to function as as either a LAN or a WAN port.

LAN Ethernet Port Mode:
LAN mode is used when it is necessary to connect a local network device to the router, such as a switch, computer, printer, or an IP camera. Use this mode only if your router is intended to get its Internet connection from a USB modem, or from an existing wireless access point though itsWiFi as WAN feature.

WAN Ethernet Port Mode:
WAN mode is used for connecting a wired WAN source, such as a DSL, Cable or Satellite modem, to provide an Internet connection to the CradlePoint router. In this scenario, local network devices will be able to connect to the router only wirelessly.

By default, the port on the CBR400 and CTR35 is configured as LAN port. To reconfigure the Ethernet port mode one one of these routers to act as a WAN port, follow the directions below.


If you are not sure how to access your router’s administrative console, click here.

NOTE: If you are accessing the router’s admin console using a wired connection, you will lose access to the router until you connect wirelessly. Please check your router’s wifi settings prior to applying any of the changes below.

  1. Click on the Network Settings tab, and select WiFi / Local Networks from the drop-down menu. User-added image
  2. Scroll down to Local Network Interfaces section and click on the Ethernet Port Configuration tab. User-added image
  3. Click on the Mode drop-down next to the Ethernet port’s name, and choose Internet (WAN)User-added image
  4. The CradlePoint will immediately warn you that you will no longer be able to access the admin console from a computer connected via the Ethernet port.  If you are connected wirelessly this warning does not apply.  If you are wired into the CradlePoint to make this change, make sure that you are successfully able to connect to the router wirelessly prior to submitting this change.User-added image

After this change is made, the CradlePoint CBR400 or CTR35’s Ethernet port will be configured to accept a WAN connection. For additional assistance connecting a wired WAN source (DSL, cable, satellite, etc.) to your router click here.

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