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Series 3: How do I perform a CradlePoint automatic modem firmware update?


Beginning with firmware version 4.3.2, CradlePoint modems now have the ability to receive modem firmware updates over the Internet connection of the CradlePoint router.  This applies only to the following products; MC200LE-VZ, MC200LP-AT, IBR600LE-VZ, IBR600LP-AT on Verizon or AT&T networks

  • Modem Firmware- Firmware applied to the CradlePoint OEM modem, this is different from the CradlePoint firmware and will be address in the directions.

  • CradlePoint OEM Modem: MC200LE-VZ, MC200LP-AT, IBR600LE-VZ, IBR600LP-AT.
  • CradlePoint Series 3 product with firmware version 4.3.2 or newer; MBR1400, CBA750B, IBR600LE-VZ, IBR600LP-AT
  • Active data plan and SIM from AT&T or Verizon


  1. Log in to the Administrative Pages of the CradlePoint
  2. Click on the Internet tab and then click Connection Manager                               User-added image
  3. Click on the modem interface in the WAN Interfaces box
    1. MC200LP-AT will be: LTE: LTE/HSPA+ Modem
    2. MC200LE-VZ will be: LTE: LTE/EVDO Modem
    3. IBR600LE-VZ will be: Internal: LTE/EVDO Modem
    4. IBR600LP-AT will be: Internal: LTE/HSPA+ Modem                                      User-added image
  4. Click on Control                                                                                                User-added image
  5. Click on Firmware.                                                                                             User-added image
  6. The CradlePoint will check online to see if there is a new firmware version.  If there is a new firmware version, it will display the version.  Then click Automatic (Internet).                                                  User-added image
  7. The modem will now go through he following stages as it apples the modem firmware; Downloading, Validating, Setting Mode, Flashing, and Applying Firmware.                                                                                                          User-added image         User-added imageUser-added image       User-added image
  8. After the firmware is applied the router will reboot and the modem will reconnect (this process can take a few minutes).  A double check of the firmware should it has been updated and no longer show an update available.User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image

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