Series 3: How do I perform FUMO or PRL updates on supported modems?

Beverly McRae

If you are not sure what model CradlePoint router you have, please click here.This article was written based upon firmware version 5.0.0.Description:Periodically cellular carriers will release “Firmware Update Management Object” (FUMO) and/or “Preferred Roaming List” (PRL) updates for their supported modems.  Normally these updates must be performed with the modem plugged directly into the computer, but for certain modems the CradlePoint router can perform these updates directly.You will want to verify whether the CradlePoint firmware you are using supports FUMO and/or PRL updates.  Either refer to the firmware release notes for your router to see if your modem supports these updates, or else you can just perform the update steps below to see if the update options are available.  If the update options are not available, then the firmware version you are using on the CradlePoint does not support FUMO or PRL updates for that modem.This article describes the process to update a modem’s FUMO or PRL while the modem is connected to a Series 3 Cradlepoint router.  Directions:

  1. Log into the routers administration page (login instructions).
  2. Click on the Status tab and then Internet Connections in the drop-down menu.                                                 User-added image
  3. Place a check mark next to the cellular modem you would like to update.  Make note of the current firmware version (FUMO) and PRL versions.                                                                                                                                User-added image
  4. Click the Internet tab and Connection Manager from the drop-down menuUser-added image
  5. Highlight your cellular modem and click the Control button.  If the modem does not support FUMO or PRL updates you see a message stating “This device does not support PRL Updates, Activation, or FUMO.”User-added image
  6. If the CradlePoint supports FUMO and/or PRL updates for the modem you are using, you will see an Update/Activate screen.  Click onUpdate.                                                                                                                User-added image
  7. You will see the status updating; and then the modem will briefly disappear and reappear from the WAN Interfaces screen.  The modem’s firmware update is now complete.

After making these changes, the modem should now be updated to the most current FUMO and PRL versions.Note:If you get a failure message when attempting to update the FUMO or PRL, make sure that the modem is connected and online and try again.

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