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Series 3: What is the procedure for configuring a capable CradlePoint router as a wired and wireless access point?

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This article was written based on firmware version 4.1.1


Series 3 CradlePoint devices normally operate as a NAT router, allowing computers connected to the LAN to use the Internet connection provided by the WAN interface.  As a NAT router, the CradlePoint is responsible for providing DHCP and local gateway access to connected clients.

If your existing network already has a DHCP server and local gateway configured, it is possible to reconfigure the CradlePoint to act as a wired LAN client to that router.  This turns the CradlePoint into a wired switch/wireless access point for that existing DHCP server and local gateway.  Set up this way, any wired or wireless computer connected to the CradlePoint will get an IP address from the existing DHCP server and route traffic through its local gateway.


These examples will show you how to reconfigure a Series 3 CradlePoint router to be used as a wired switch and wireless gateway to connect to another “Primary Router” DHCP server and local gateway in your network.

For example, assume there is already an existing wired Primary Router using local IP address with subnet mask  This is the router that is providing DHCP services and providing local gateway access.  The CradlePoint will be configured as a LAN client for the Primary Router.  

To begin, first make sure that the CradlePoint is not connected to the other router.

  1. Log into CradlePoint’s setup pages (at by default).
  2. Go to Network Settings and click WiFi / Local Network from the drop-down menuUser-added image
  3. Scroll down and under Local Network Interfaces click the Ethernet Port Configuration tabUser-added image
  4. Make sure that all of the Ethernet ports “Mode” are set to Local Network (LAN)User-added image
  5. At the “Warning” page, click Yes to change the WAN port(s) to LAN mode.  Click OK when prompted.User-added image
  6. Place a check mark next to “Primary LAN” and click EditUser-added image
  7. On the “IP Settings” tab, change the IP Address (and the “Netmask” if necessary) to a LAN client IP address for the Primary Router.  In our example, the “Primary Router” is using, so you will need to change the CradlePoint to use some other IP on that same subnet (such as   Also change the “Routing Mode” to Standard.User-added image
  8. Go to the “DHCP Server” tab and remove the checkmark from DHCP Server, and then click Submit.User-added image
  9. The CradlePoint will now reboot itself.
  10. Attach an Ethernet cable from a LAN port Primary Router into any of the CradlePoint’s Ethernet ports.
  11. You may need to release and renew your computer’s IP address (or else reboot the computer) in order to get a new IP from the Primary Router.

After making this change, the CradlePoint will no longer be performing any routing functionality but instead will act as a wired switch and wireless access point to extend your existing network.   All DHCP, gateway, and routing functionality will be handled by the Primary Router.

Any computers wired or wirelessly connected into the CradlePoint will receive IP addresses from the Primary Router (beginning with 192.168.1.X in our example).  Any computer attached to that network should also be able to access the CradlePoint from the LAN IP address you specified ( in our example).


It may be useful to change the CradlePoint’s wireless SSID and password to match the same credentials as your other router uses.  This would allow nearby computers with the Primary Network’s wireless credentials to be able to connect to whichever network has a stronger signal.

To undo this configuration you can either follow the directions in reverse order or you can perform a factory reset of the device.

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