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Series 3: How do I set up an Access Point Name (APN)?

If you are not sure what Series CradlePoint router you have, please click here.
This article was written based upon firmware version 5.0.0

A cellular modem displays “Suspended” or “CPPM failed: Carrier Reject” as its status and will not establish an internet connection when plugged into a Series 3 CradlePoint router, even though it works correctly when plugged into a computer.


  • Plug the cellular modem into the CradlePoint router.
  • Connect to your router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and access its administrative console. Click here if you are not sure how to do this.
  • Click on the Internet tab, and select Connection Manager from the dropdown.  User-added image
  • Select your modem within the WAN Interfaces list by clicking on its name.          User-added image
  • Once the modem is highlighted blue, click the Edit button above it.                       User-added image
  • Within the WAN Configuration window, click on the SIM/APN/AUTH Settings tab. User-added image
  • Choose the Manual option for the Access Point Name.                                              User-added image
  • Enter the access point name (APN) provided by your cellular carrier and click Submit.                            User-added image
    • NOTE: A list of common access point names (APNs) is displayed within the help panel, and some additional options can be found here. If you are not sure which APN you should use, please contact your carrier.
  • Click OK in the confirmation dialog.                                                                           User-added image
    • NOTE: After a new configuration has been submitted, the modem will reboot itself which will cause it to disappear briefly from the WAN Interfaces list before it tries to connect again.


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