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Series 3: How do I setup an IPSec VPN tunnel between a capable CradlePoint router and SonicWall TZ Series firewall?

If you are unsure of your CradlePoint Series or Model number, please click here.

This article was written base on firmware version 5.0.0.


VPN tunnels are used to establish a secure connection to a remote network over a public network.  This configuration covers an IPSec VPN tunnel setup between a CradlePoint Series 3 router and a Sonicwall TZ210 firewall.  Figure 1 shows the network topology example of this particular configuration.  IPSec is customizable on both the CradlePoint and Sonicwall platforms to fit into a variety of network and security requirements however, this configuration example will address only the basic configuration.

User-added image
Figure 1. Network Diagram of configuration


System Requirements:

The CradlePoint router model used for this example is the MBR1400 running firmware version 3.5.0 (02-27-2012).
The configuration described in this document applies to the following CradlePoint routers:

  • MBR1400
  • MBR1200B
  • CBR450
  • CBR400
  • COR IBR600
  • COR IBR650

The Sonicwall device used for this configuration is the TZ 210 Network Security Appliance running firmware version SonicOS Enhanced

Configuring IPSec VPN between a CradlePoint Router and Sonicwall:
  1. Log into the setup pages of the CradlePoint router. (if you are unsure how, please click here.)
  2. Navigate to the Internet > VPN Tunnels page.  Enable the VPN service if it hasn’t been already.  Click Add to begin tunnel configuration.
  3. Configure the tunnel to the specifications required.  Below is a screen by screen example of a base configuration that is known to work with most Sonicwall firewalls and routers.                                                                                             User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
  4. Confirm the configuration on the Tunnel Summary prompt and select Yes.
Sonicwall Configuration:
  1. Log into the Sonicwall management interface as admin.
  2. In this example, an “Address Object” had already been created called Remote_VPN_Test, which placed the network in the LAN zone,. These can be created under Network > Address Objects.User-added image
  3. Navigate to VPN > Settings. Under VPN Policies, select Add to begin configuring the IPSec Policy. Below is a screen by screen example of a base configuration which matches that of the CradlePoint.                                                                                      User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image
  4. Once the policy is configured in the Soniwall confirm that the tunnel is up and established.       User-added image
  5. Confirm that the tunnel is up and established on the CradlePoint router.                                   User-added image
  6. We can also verify traffic is routing properly in the management interface of the CradlePoint. Navigate to System Settings > System Control, expand the Advanced Control panel, and run a ping test to the LAN interface of the Sonicwall, or a connected client device. User-added image

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