Series 3: How do I troubleshoot common WiFi as WAN problems?

Beverly McRae

If you are unsure of CradlePoint Series or Model number, please click here.

This article was written based on firmware version 5.0.0.


A Series 3 CradlePoint router is unable to connect to an existing wireless network using the Wi-Fi as WAN feature.  Other computers may be able to connect fine to this wireless network.


While the CradlePoint routers can connect to most wireless networks, there are several reasons that can affect the ability to connect:

  • The CradlePoint router firmware is old and needs to be updated.
  • The CradlePoint router’s IP address conflicts with the WiFi router’s IP address.
  • The WiFi network uses additional security beyond standard WiFi security (WEP/WPA/WPA2).
  • The WiFi access point may require additional login information (authentication).
  • The WiFi access point is using WPA-Enterprise security.



  • The WiFi access point’s security is preventing connection.
  • Newer CradlePoint firmware revisions include changes that allow connection to more types of WiFi access points.  It may be necessary to upgrade the CradlePoint router firmware to a newer version, How to update router firmware.
  • If the wireless network uses additional security (such as MAC address filtering) to restrict access, you will need to contact the network’s administrator to ensure there are no other requirements to connect.
  • When connecting to a network from a computer if you are immediately redirected to another authentication page to log in before you can use the Internet, the CradlePoint router will not be able to connect to this type of network.
  • The CradlePoint router does not have the ability to connect to WPA-Enterprise encrypted wireless networks.
  • Disable the WiFi Protected Access (WPA) on your WiFi access point, in some cases you may need to call the provider for information on how to accomplish this.

*NOTE* If you disable the WPA on your WiFi access point and there is still no connection then this setup, unfortunately, will not work.

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