How do I set up device alerts?

Beverly McRae

The Device Alerts submenu choice allows you to receive email notifications of specific system events. YOU MUST ENABLE AN SMTP EMAIL SERVER TO RECEIVE ALERTS.


Alerts can be included for the following:

  • Firmware Upgrade Available: A firmware update is available for this device.
  • System Reboot Occurred: This router has rebooted. This depends on NTP being enabled and available to report the correct time.
  • Unrecognized MAC Address: Used with the MAC monitoring lists. An alert is sent when a new unrecognized MAC address is connected to the router.
  • WAN Device Status Change: An attached WAN device has changed status. The possible statuses are plugged, unplugged, connected, and disconnected.
  • Configuration Change: A change to the router configuration.
  • Login Failure: A failed login attempt has been detected.
  • VPN Tunnel Goes Down: Sends an alert when a VPN tunnel goes down.
  • Feature License Expiration: Sends an alert when a feature license is about to expire.
  • Full System Log: The system log has filled. This alert contains the contents of the system log.
  • Recurring System Log: The system log is sent periodically. This alert contains all of the system events since the last recurring alert. It can be scheduled for daily, weekly and monthly reports (Frequency). You also choose the Time you want the alert sent.

SMTP Mail Server

Since your router does not have its own email server, to receive alerts you must enable an SMTP server. This is possible through most email services (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Each SMTP server will have different specifications for setup, so you have to look those up separately. The following is an example using Gmail:


  • Server Address:
  • Server Port: 587 (for TLS, or Transport Layer Security port; the router does not support SSL).
  • Authentication Required: For Gmail, mark this checkbox.
  • User Name: Your full email address
  • Password: Your Gmail password
  • From Address: Your email address
  • To Address: Your email address

Once you have filled in the information for the SMTP server, click on the “Verify SMTP Settings” button. You should receive a test email at your account.

Delivery Options (Advanced)

Email Subject Prefix: This optional string is prefixed to the alert subject. It can be customized to help you identify alerts from specific routers.

Retry Attempts: The number of attempts made to send an alert to the mail server. After the attempts are exhausted, the alert is discarded.

Retry Delay: The delay between retry attempts.

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