Does the Sierra Wireless AirLink GX400 and GX440 have an I/O harness?

Yes. The AirLink GX400 can be configured to monitor the input, respond to specific types of events, and even trigger digital output. The device can also be configured to change its power mode in order to conserve power. These features can be configured to your needs.

The AirLink GX400 is equipped with an I/O port interface which includes 1 low power timer enable input and 1 digital I/O. These may be connected to sensors and switches to monitor status and remotely control equipment. AirLink GX400 board supports a low power timer enable input pin and a digital I/O pin which are connected to the CPU processor. The I/O signal comes in from the power connector, through a PolySwitch resettable fuse, and ties into the CPU pins with protection circuitry.

Digital Input

Digital Input can be used in two different modes: the switch mode or the voltage sensing mode.

The switch mode senses contact closures. The digital input can report either an open or closed state, and can be wired to a ground signal via a switch. When the switch is open, the input reads “”3.3V””. When the switch is closed, the input reads “”OV””.

Examples of using the input with a switch to ground:

  • When a door or other latch is opened or closed
  • Counting pulses or other electronic events
  • When a gauge reaches a certain point
  • When a container fills or empties
  • When a switch or valve is opened or closed
  • When the tow bar is raised or lowered
  • Connected to a sensor, the level of fuel in a vehicle
  • When the trunk of a vehicle is opened or closed
  • When the ignition is turned on or off

Digital Output

Digital Output of open collector design is capable of driving an external device such as a pull-up resistor or relay. As an example, a relay could be connected between the output pin and an external voltage. The voltage on the relay cannot exceed 30V. The digital output pin can handle up to 150mA.

Examples of using the digital output with an external relay or pull-up resistor:

  • Setting off an alarm or siren
  • Triggering a process to start on another device
  • Opening or closing a valve or switch
  • Locking or unlocking a door. Inputt
  • Turning a light on or off
  • Opening the vehicle’s trunk or doors

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