How do I troubleshoot a CradlePoint router to see if it requires a replacement? (Prior to RMA policy)

Beverly McRae

Summary:The following steps are required, but not limited to, to verify that the CradlePoint product is indeed defective or has suffered a hardware failure and needs replaced.  If the product is deemed defective/failed, a replacement RMA will be processed as long as the product is still within the CradlePoint warranty.  To view the CradlePoint Warranty, please consult this link.  CradlePoint will not issue an RMA without going through these steps. CradlePoint finds that 99% of the time when an RMA is requested, the router is functioning as intended.Troubleshooting: 

  1. Inspect the lights on the router for connectivity, basic signal strength and hardware failure. Most of the time, this step will tell us immediately if it’s a hardware issue.
  2. Power LED: On: OK – Off: if power adaptor has been checked, and switch is on, hardware failure
  3. Ethernet LED: On: Ok – Off: physical connection confirmed, Ethernet cable (Cat5 or 5e) swapped, Ethernet port failure
  4. Modem (USB1-3, EC): Solid Green: Connected, Blinking Green: Connecting, Cycling Green/Amber: Attempting connection and retrying, No LED: Confirm modem is plugged, unplug and replug, if no LED activate, likely dead USB port.
  5. Remove the modem from the router and plug it into a laptop. This will help determine if the problem is the modem, the router, or the carrier.
  6. Review the signal information within the router
  7. Reset the router to factory defaults then attempt connectivity again.
  8. Review the logs from the router.
  9. Review the configuration from the router
  10. Verify the installation date of the device to check against out of warranty devices.
  11. If after all of this the tech or engineer determines a faulty device, and it’s still in warranty, then we issue an RMA.

For further information regarding CradlePoint Technical Support or troubleshooting steps, please consult the Support section of our website or email: [email protected]

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