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How do I track modem data usage with ECM?

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) provides multiple options for monitoring modem data usage: set up emailed Alerts when your modems reach user-defined data thresholds; get a quick, visual overview of your devices’ data usage with Dashboard; or run CSV Reports with data usage information.

Data usage is tracked in the routers, and that information is then sent to ECM at user-defined intervals (the default is 1 hour) for display in theDashboard or Reports; data usage Alerts aren’t affected by this usage sample interval because the information is pulled directly from the routers. The user-defined interval is a minimum: there are some event triggers that could cause additional data usage reports to be sent to ECM, such as heavy data usage. To change this interval, go to the Groups page in ECM and click on Settings in the top toolbar (the minimum value is 5 minutes). In the popup window that appears, ensure Enable Usage Reporting is selected and use the slider to edit the interval:

Data usage interval settings

There is a potential for some loss of data between the router and ECM if, for example, the router reboots before sending a usage sample.

CradlePoint recommends setting up data threshold Alerts for the most accurate, consistent information: receive an email whenever you reach one of your thresholds. For example, configure ECM to email you when your modem reaches 85% and 100% of your monthly data plan.

NOTE: The data usage numbers in ECM are strictly estimates and are dependent on information provided by the modem through the router: these may not match the carrier numbers. The carrier is the final authority for billing purposes. We recommend setting your thresholds lower than your billing allowances and regularly comparing the ECM numbers with the numbers from the carrier.

Setting Up Data Usage Alerts with ECM

Assign data cap thresholds

  1. Go to the Groups page in ECM (or Devices page to assign settings to an individual device instead of a group).
  2. Select a group and click on Configuration in the top toolbar and Edit in the drop-down menu.
    Open Groups configuration in ECM
  3. In the popup configuration window that appears, select Internet > Data Usage.
    Edit configuration window
  4. Make sure that Enable Data Usage is selected. Then under Template configuration, click Add to create a new data usage rule.
    Enable Data Usage
  5. Complete the fields in the popup window to create a data usage rule. Designate Assigned Usage in MB and select Send Alert on Cap to set ECM to send an email when your devices hit this threshold. Set up an additional alert by selecting Extra Email Alert and setting aPercent of Usage so that ECM will send an alert when the device’s data usage reaches this percentage of the usage threshold. For additional alerts, create another rule with a different usage threshold.
    Data Usage rule

Enable data usage alerts in ECM

  1. Go to the Alerts page in ECM. Select the Settings icon in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
    Alerts page in ECM
  2. Click Add at the top left of the Alerts > Settings page in order to create a new alert notification rule.
  3. Complete the fields in the popup window to define your rule. Be sure to select Data Cap Threshold in the Alerts section.
    Adding an Alert Notification Rule
  4. Select one or more Users to create emailed notifications: otherwise the alerts you define will only appear in the Alerts > Log page.

NOTE: These emailed alerts come from ECM mail servers. You can alternatively set up router alerts through a separate SMTP server of your choice. In the Configuration window (under Groups or Devices), go to System Settings → Device Alerts. Configure your desired server in theSMTP Mail Server section.

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