Type and Size of SIM Cards Used in Cradlepoint Modems

Beverly McRae

Type and Size of SIM Cards Used in Cradlepoint Modems

Products Supported: all Cradlepoint router models with a SIM slot. Click here to identify your router.

Firmware Version: 5.3.x and higher (all Series 3 routers) and 2.4.0 (CBA750)


This article describes the type of SIM card that is required for the operation of a Cradlepoint modem.

Cradlepoint modems only work with standard 2FF SIMs. A different type of SIM is likely not going to work correctly and might either get stuck or damage the modem.



The Cradlepoint routers and modems listed below are equipped with a SIM card slot that can be used with a provisioned SIM card from a compatible cellular carrier:

  • MC200 – all models
  • MC300 – all models
  • MC400 – all models
  • IBR600 (Router) – all models, except NM, E-SP, and E-VZ versions
  • IBR600 (Router) – all models, except NM, E-SP, and E-VZ versions
  • IBR350 (Router) – all models, except NM
  • IBR1100 – all models
  • IBR1150 – all models

The SIM slots in these Cradlepoint products are designed to accept “Mini-SIM” cards, also referred to as a “2FF”. These “Mini-SIM” cards measure 25.0mm x 15.0mm x 0.76mm.

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Please note: the smaller “micro-SIM” (3FF; 15.0mm x 12.0mm x 0.76mm) and “nano-SIM” (4FF; 12.3mm x 8.8mm x 0.67mm) cardswill NOT fit in the Cradlepoint’s SIM card slot. Cradlepoint cannot guarantee correct modem operation if a micro or nano SIM is used with an adapter.

Using an incorrect type of SIM will void the warranty!

Inserting the SIM

To properly insert your SIM card into a CradlePoint modem, slide it into the modem’s SIM slot while its gold contacts are facing downward, with the notched corner going in first. Make sure that the modem is also facing correctly, with its label appearing on the bottom.

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Push the SIM in until you hear a click. There should be just a sliver of the SIM card sticking out of the modem’s SIM slot at this point.

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Removing the SIM

To remove the SIM card from the modem, press it into the modem again in until you hear a click. The SIM will spring out far enough to be grabbed, at which point it should be easy slide it out of the modem SIM slot.

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