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How do I upgrade my router’s firmware to enable ECM compatibility?


This article’s purpose is to prepare devices for activation and enrollment in Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM).


ECM recommends devices run firmware version 5.1.1 (4.3.2 minimum). Only series three devices support this firmware (see: How to identify the Series of your CradlePoint router).

Note: The MBR95 does not support ECM, even though it does support firmware 4.3.2 and newer.


  • Method 1 – Factory Reset and Upgrade
The absolute easiest way to establish ECM compatibility is to perform a factory reset on the device(s) and then upgrade straight to 4.4.0 or newer.Based on the device location, configuration requirements, and device workload this is not always a practical solution.
  • Method 2 – Incremental Firmware Upgrades
If there are existing device configurations on that cannot be reset, incremental firmware upgrades are highly recommended.Due to numerous configuration format changes over the years, firmware version older than 4.2.1 should be upgraded in a “stair-stepping” process; this reduces the likelihood of losing configuration settings.
Use the following sequence to upgrade device firmware versions:


WiPipe Central Firmware Stair-Stepping Sequence

          => 5.1.1
=> 4.4.0 (4.3.3 for CBR400 & CBR450)
=> 4.2.1
=> 4.0.3
=> 3.6.3
=> 3.5.1
=> 3.4.1
=> 3.3.0
3.2.4 (and older)

If the device is in between versions, start with the next version up. For instance, if the device is on 3.5.0, upgrade it to 3.5.1 first, and then continue up the stairs.

For procedures involving the upgrade of device firmware from WPC please visit: Getting Started with Enterprise Cloud Manager#Connecting to ECM: Upgrading Firmware

For procedures to manually upgrade device firmware see: Manually upgrade Series 3 CradlePoint firmware

Note: There is a known issue when manually upgrading from firmware version 4.2.0, this does not impact firmware upgrades from WPC or automatic (internet) upgrades. Details are in the 4.2.1 Firmware Release Notes.

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