How do I upgrade my router’s system software?

Beverly McRae

This allows the administrator to load new firmware onto the router to add new features or fix defects. If you are happy with the operation of the router, you may not want to upgrade just because a new version is available. Check the firmware release notes ( for information to decide if you should upgrade.


  • Current Firmware Version: Shows the number of the current firmware and the date it was updated.
  • Available Firmware Version: If there is a new firmware version available, this will list the version number. Click “Check Again” to have the router check the newest firmware.
  • Factory Reset: Set default settings to match the new firmware. This is safest, as settings may have changed. You should back up your current settings and restore them after the new firmware is loaded.
  • Automatically check for new firmware: Check for an available firmware update once a day.
  • Automatic (Internet): Have the router download the file and perform the upgrade with no user interaction.
  • Manual Firmware Upload: Upload the router firmware from an attached computer. (Go to to download the firmware.)

System Config Save/Restore

  • Backup Current Settings: Click on “Save to disk” to save your current settings to a file on a computer.
  • Restore Settings: Click on “Upload from file” to restore your previous settings from a file on a computer.


Firmware Upgrade and System Config Restore

Load new firmware and restore your previous settings from a file on a computer without rebooting between steps.

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