Upgrading Modem Firmware Through ECM

Beverly McRae


Upgrading the modem firmware regularly is important to keep a secure and reliable internet connection. This can be done manually or through ECM, this document focuses on upgrading through ECM.

Please note that this only upgrades the modem firmware, to upgrade the router firmware click here. To connect with this modem you must also have an activated SIM from the carrier in the device. During the upgrade process the modem will restart: the router may go offline for a few minutes if this modem is it’s primary WAN connection.

Although a single Cradlepoint modem may have two SIM card slots (e.g., IBR1100 integrated modem), it is one modem module and can only have one modem firmware version, and therefore only one carrier at a time. The exception is that the AER 2100 could have two distinct integrated MC400 modems, each with two SIM slots. So while each modem by itself can only have one firmware version, the AER 2100 can support two integrated modems – on distinct carriers- simultaneously.


Configuration Difficulty: Beginner
  • Step 1: Log in to Enterprise Cloud Manager.
  • Step 2: Select the Devices tab and then Network Interfaces from the drop down menu at the top.

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  • Step 3: Next we need to locate the modem we want to upgrade. The easiest way to do this is by sorting the Router Name or Router ID column, or to search by a specific router name using the search tool.
  • Step 4: In the example shown below, the grid is filtered using the search tool (searched by a specific router name, IBR1100LPE) and the filter tool (selected Modems) in the top toolbar so that only the two relevant interfaces display.

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  • Step 5: To check if the modem firmware is current, first select the desired interface. *Note that integrated modems with two SIM slots show two interfaces in the grid. Both will always have the same modem firmware, so selecting either one will have the same results.
  • Step 6: Once you have selected an interface, click Commands in the top toolbar and Upgrade Modem Firmware in the drop down menu. *Note that you can also check if your modem has the latest firmware by selecting Check for New Modem Firmware

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  • Step 7: Please review the agreement notes before proceeding. The modem will restart after this point.

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  • Step 8: Once you click the OK button, the firmware upgrade will begin.
  • Step 9: The modem firmware upgrade takes a few minutes. The Modem FW Status column shows the state of the update, e.g., “Downloading (38%),” and the Modem FW column shows the update that is in process.

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  • Step 11: Once complete, the Modem FW Status column says, “Upgrade Successful” and the Modem FW column is updated with the new firmware version:

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  • Step 12: If the update fails for some reason, reboot the router before trying again.


  • You may also need to make sure you are trying to use the same interface and SIM slot. Some products contain two SIM slots, and therefore there are two “Internal LPE” interfaces displayed in Connection Manager. If your active SIM is in slot 1, the “Internal LPE (SIM1)” will be the one to connect with that SIM; SIM slot 2 will correspond to “Internal LPE (SIM2)”.
  • If the modem is unable to complete the upgrade and no internet connection remains, local access to update the modem will be necessary. Click here to upgrade the modem firmware manually.
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