Is there a way to determine if a Windows PC is online?

Beverly McRae


This article describes how to use the ping networking tool in a Windows computer to test an internet connection.  A successful ping response will verify an internet connection.


  1. On the computer lick the Start button.
  2. In the Search box (or the Run box on Windows XP) type in cmd then press enter.
  3. In the Command Prompt window type in ping then press enter.

A successful ping will show the delay (latency) for a round trip between the computers measured in milliseconds (ms), and shows that all sent packets were received, see below.

User-added image

A successful ping to an Internet IP address (like illustrates that the computer is connected to the Internet.  If you are able to successfully ping but still not able to browse web pages, please consult this article for assistance.

If you received the message “Ping request could not find host…” then you are not connected to the Internet.  Ping to determine if the computer is connected to the CradlePoint router.  If a ping to the router is successful then go to the administrative console of the router to find determine why the Internet (WAN) connection is down. If a ping to the router is unsuccessful please consult this article for assistance.

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