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Field Service

M2M Field Service Solutions:

M2M Field ServicePublic safety organizations, utilities, and service companies supporting mobile field service workers are increasingly deploying wireless applications to enhance their efficiency. USAT is always looking for professional and highly motivated people. Please forward your resume and information about your experience for these and other positions.. These mobile solutions require reliable, persistent network connectivity under demanding field conditions, such as adverse weather, power outages, and other emergency situations. Solution providers, device manufacturers, and enterprises building their own solutions need to deliver urgent communications and support services if they are designing for the following:

  • Public safety and first responders which include: law enforcement, fire and rescue, or emergency medical service providers
  • Mobile workforce for utilities,
  • Mobile workforce for field customer service



Field service workers safety and work efficiency necessitates critical access to strong and reliable internet capabilities. Increasing productivity with a dependable wireless connection that lets dispatchers send work assignments, turn-by-turn directions, schedule changes and traffic updates via cellular or satellite network options is absolutely essential. Prioritizing and creating dependable network efficiency remains one of our top priorities in the field service industry.


Driver activity and safety can be a challenging course to manage without the appropriate technology. We help provide real-time access to data in order to track daily departure times, confirm deliveries, validate time cards and billing, and monitor fuel use and idle costs. As a complimentary feature, you will also receive updated alerts regarding aggressive driving and speeding.


Theft is an experience that no one should have to suffer through. Guard against theft and the unauthorized use of expensive equipment in the field, and retrieve assets if theft does occur.  Our system tracks actual hours used and provides significant peace of mind, especially when utilizing rental equipment.


With today’s rising fuel prices, wasting gas is a luxury that none of us can afford. Be sure to monitor and control your fuel budget by reducing the amount of miles driven, as well as speed and overall idle time.


Proper maintenance ensures that vehicles and various transportation equipment perform at a consistent and satisfactory rate. It is imperative to track mileage, elapsed time and/or engine hours to know precisely when vehicles are due for maintenance.

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