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Sierra Wireless has released new firmware for the Airlink MG90. MGOS 4.2.3 is a maintenance release which addresses a number of field reported issues, and we recommend everyone upgrades to this release in order to benefit from these fixes. For more information please review the release notes published here: Full Release Notes

Addressed Issues:

  • Software upgrade: Resolve an issue that could cause USB upgrade failure when MG90 storage is full due to large log files, etc.
  • Radio Module: Updated module firmware: EM7511- (Generic, AT&T)
  • Wi-Fi: Upgraded WiFi drivers and WiFi module firmware to improve stability and reliably support up to 128 clients
  • VPN: Resolved timing issue that could prevent VPN from automatically reconnecting while WAN link switching occurs
  • Connectivity: Resolved issues with intermittent cellular connection drops to improve network connection stability
  • GPS: Resolved issue that could cause GPS to stop reporting location after losing satellite fixes for an extended period

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