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Action is required for users of certain Cradlepoint devices who are using the GPS Services on their routers.

  • ISSUE SUMMARY: GPS rollover is worldwide event that impacts all GPS devices. Without specific mitigation, it impacts GPS Reporting on specific Cradlepoint routers.  
  • ISSUE IMPACT: Your Cradlepoint router will no longer be able to acquire valid GPS coordinates after November 3rd.
  • ISSUE CATALYST: GPS Rollover, which will impact certain Cradlepoint routers on November 3rd 2019.
    • Devices that use LPE modems (for example: IBR1100LPE)
    • Devices that use LP3 modems
    • NOT IMPACTED: All other devices not using LPE or LP3 modems
  • ISSUE MITIGATION: Mitigation can be achieved by updating NetCloud OS and modem firmware AND applying a modem firmware patch depending on your specific situation.  Detailed instructions can be found in this Cradlepoint Knowledgebase Article:  
  • Some Key things to point out in Cradlepoint’s Knowledgebase Article:
    • You MUST use NetCloud OS Version 6.2.0 or later to apply the patch.
    • Devices shipped after July 2016 have already been patched but need to be verified with the process described in the Cradlepoint Knowledgebase Article.
    • Even if your NetCloud OS and modem firmware are up to date, you may still need a patch. Modem firmware and the modem patch are separate items (and separate files.)
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