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Below find a comparison chart that highlights the enhancements of the GX450 against the baseline GX440 Technical Specifications.


Details of Change


GX450 Radio Module

 MC7354—North America


Support for Verizon XLTE

LTE for Sprint and APAC


 ALEOS 4 4.0

Faster Boot time -1 minute

GX450 Image Switching

 SKUs are designed to support image  switching across all variants.
Implementation target for mid-2015

All units will be carrier switchable. Customers will be able to
change wireless service providers without changing hardware.

GX450 Hardware Upgrades

 Use of module GPS bias circuit

 Bigger Flash (1 or 2 Gbit)

Less interference on the GPS signal, better sensitivity. Greater
storage capacity (useful for module images)


 Includes unique identifier string and model  number

Easier to identify and support products in the field

GX450 Accessories

 SKUs will include a DC cable. AC cables will  be sold as an accessory

Simplifies inventory management

GX450 Warranty

A model with a 3 year warranty is available

Provides warranty option for those who desire a 3 year versus 5 year product lifespan



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