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Industrial and Infrastructure

M2M Industrial and Infrastructure Solutions:

More companies are turning to M2M and wireless services to better manage manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings and transportation infrastructures. Fixed wire deployments present many challenges in locations that prove too remote or too costly to provision. Cellular broadband is a cost-effective alternative to standard fixed lines and connects sensors and monitoring devices for:

  • Industrial automation
  • Traffic systems ( video and real-time traffic monitoring, variable signage, data exchange)
  • Building automation
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Management
  • Billboard and street light control and maintenance

Industrial companies are beginning to utilize wireless capabilities to enable portable equipment to integrate into manufacturing operations. From SCADA systems to traffic monitoring, USAT understands the importance of building advanced, industry-leveraged M2M solutions. As an industry leader, our devices, software and services are well-suited for a variety of projects, both large and small. Our strategies are cost-effective, low-risk and always professional. It is our highest priority to deploy your solutions swiftly with the help of our knowledgeable support team. Please contact us so that we can help you achieve greater connectivity for your business.


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