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USAT offers M2M and IoT solutions with variety of industry-specific applications. Whether your wireless connectivity needs are for public or private organizations in government or non-government sectors, USAT has the industry solutions to meet your needs.

Utility Industry Communications Solutions


At USAT we maximize your smart grid solutions for utilities with consistent, secure, and sustainable, end-to-end connectivity.

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Public Safety Communications Solutions

Public Safety

We're equipped to help first responder organizations communicate and connect more effectively to safeguard the public.

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Government Communications Solutions


We enable connectivity within voice, video and multi-media communications vital to the technological needs of governmental bodies.

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Healthcare Industry Communications Solutions


USAT offers secure, efficient, and practical M2M solutions to meet the urgent and evolving needs of the healthcare sector.

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Branch Location Connectivity Solutions

Branch Operations

We provide the solutions necessary to avoid delays and interruptions, so you can get back to servicing your customers.

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Transportation Industry Communications Solutions


USAT can help the transport industry reduce costs and increase productivity while accurately tracking vehicle activity.

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Oil & Gas Industry Communications Solutions

Oil & Natural Gas

Your exploration, production, and distribution activities require end-to-end connectivity solutions USAT provides.

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Education Network Connectivity Solutions


Educating students and administrating school campuses  and vehicle fleets requires strong and reliable internet connectivity.

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Digital Signage Connectivity Solutions

Digital Signage

Our connectivity solutions enable you to connect with the digital signs and assets you use to connect with clients nationwide.

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Manufacturing Communications Solutions


USAT understands the importance of building advanced, IoT-leveraged M2M solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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Agriculture Industry Communications Solutions


Our M2M and IoT solutions will help increase the quality, quantity, sustainability, and affordablity of agricultural production.

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Featured Industries

Electric & Energy Companies

Electric and energy utility organizations have an obligation to provide premium service to their clients. Smart Grid technologies have reduced inefficiencies in measuring and distributing energy substantially in recent years, fueled by IoT and M2M products and solutions. In addition to production and distribution improvements, fleets enabled with on-board communication and location services have increased customer satisfaction. Learn more about USAT's electric and energy utility solutions today.

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Police & Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers need real-time, 24/7 access to large quantities of records and databases. Whether your organization is operated at the state or federal level, all types of law enforcement agencies need wireless devices to deliver mission-critical data. Police cars utilizing WiFi-enabled on-board routers become full functioning mobile command centers complete with the ability to improve connectivity while connecting multiple tools like cameras, citation printers, fingerprint scanners, AVL and CAD systems. USAT provided devices also provide integrated telemetry and GPS capabilities. Best in class connectivity creates powerful dispatch, enhanced routing, and robust communication systems to improve safety and reaction times.

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Fire & Emergency Rescue

Fire trucks and emergency vehicles operate in harsh and demanding conditions. To effectively save lives, Fire and EMS services require the most reliable cellular data connectivity solutions to ensure continuous communications. The ambulances of today are mobile extensions of the healthcare system requiring access to critical patient data in real-time. USAT will help establish wireless communication hubs within these vehicles, enabling EMS teams to treat patients en-route, while communicating with hospitals. This real-time data sharing allows the EMS to be more effective and allows hospitals to be more prepared upon EMS arrival. With Fire and EMS time is critical, so using cellular routers allows connectivity for dispatch, CAD systems along with built in telemetry and GPS to ensure no time is lost en-route.

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Bus & Railway Systems

Public and private mass transport systems have seen a greater amount of focus in the new millennium. Primarily driven by government funding, technology overhauls have been required to improve safety, efficiency, and increased ridership. New wireless technology advances have allowed USAT to provide fast, reliable, and secure wireless connectivity solutions for trains, buses, and transportation related equipment. Bus and Railway systems are adding passenger WiFi, cameras along with the need to provide location services. Adding cellular routers can improve passenger experience, efficiency and improved safety. Learn more about USAT's Bus and Railway IoT-enabled products and solutions.

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Branch Operations

Restaurants and other retail environments have increased demand for wireless point-of-sale terminals, kiosks, digital signs, public wi-fi, and continuity systems. Retailers are competing to place devices in as many locations as possible, especially in places where direct access to hardlines is impractical. USAT's wireless broadband solutions for retail and branch locations allow for rapid deployment, flexible placement, and portability of the devices they need. Reach out to learn more about how to improve your operations connectivity with USAT.

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