USAT helps agri-businesses remotely track, monitor, and control their farming operations with IoT-enabled communication devices. We'll get you the technology you need to maximize food production and profitability while improving efficiency and sustainability.

IoT Communications for Agriculture


Farmers of today know that IoT-based smart farming is a vital part of the success for the agri-businesses of tomorrow. IoT-enabled communications devices allow farmers to connect to the mission-critical systems that monitor their crops from seedlings to harvest and beyond. USAT can equip your business with the devices you'll need to communicate with the sensors and automation systems spread across your farming operation. Reach out to USAT today to improve your communications infrastructure.

Agricultural Connectivity Solutions from USAT

USAT will help your agri-business stay connected to the assets and monitoring equipment required to successfully run your entire farming operation.

Grain Drying Communications from USAT

Grain Drying

For grain farming operations, grain drying is arguably the most mission-critical part of the the harvesting process. For crops to be viable for market, it's vital to monitor things like airflow rates, moisture, and temperature. Agri-businesses can't afford for sensors in grain storage facilities to loose connectivity to the systems regulating optimal drying conditions. USAT can help your operation stay connected with rugged communications devices to improve your drying operations.

  • Monitor Moisture
  • Regulate Temperature
  • Automate Airflow
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Water Monitoring

Water is the one thing on which all farming operations depend. It's vital to monitor its use, distribution, quality level, and the overall efficiency of your irrigation systems. USAT can provide the IoT-enabled communications devices your operations need to connect to and automate mission-critical elements of your organizations water management processes. Reach out to USAT today to see how we can help you connect to the people and assets your agri-business depends on to succeed.

  • Watering Automation
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Leak Detection
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Water Monitoring Communications from USAT
Farm Vehicle Tracking from USAT

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Medium and large-scale farming enterprises depend on an immense number of machine, vehicle, and human assets to accomplish the varied tasks required by their farming operations. With acres of land and dozens of resources, its important to know the locations of everyone and everything vital to daily operations. USAT can provide your organization with the IoT-enabled communications equipment you need to monitor, track, and locate your agri-businesses most vital assets.

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