Branch Operations

USAT provides the communications technologies branch operations need to avoid service delays and interruptions. Our IoT-enabled devices maximize up-time for your key systems, enhance security by creating parallel networks, and increase functionality across retail locations.

Communications for Branch Operations


When a customer is standing in your retail store, bank branch, or at your mobile kiosk, ready to make a transaction, a poor connection can be all it takes to ruin a sale. The performance of your organizations' fixed-line communications can vary. The need for rapid and dependable wireless connections is essential to your organization's continued success. USAT provides reliable and secure communication devices and networks that are a sure-fire way to keep your business growing and your clients happy.
Retail IoT Communications Devices and Networks from USAT

Increase connection speeds, decrease downtime, and improve your organizations' bottom-line with retail connectivity solutions provided by USAT.

Public Wi-Fi at Retail Locations

In recent years customers have come to expect and even demand that the businesses offer free and easily accessible WiFi within their stores and branch locations. 5G cellular technology is a game-changer. USAT has the communications devices your retail operation needs to future-proof your business. let us help you provide the fast connectivity your customers demand—even when your wired network is down.

  • Pathway to 5G for the Future
  • Open or Password Protected WiFi
  • Content Filtering
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5G Public WiFi for Retail Locations
Business Continuity with USAT Failover Solutions

Business Continuity

In business, a temporary connectivity outage can result in the loss of minutes, hours, and even days of revenue and productivity. Fixed-line internet connections can glitch temporarily, and go out entirely, without any sure timeline for service restoration. Turn to USAT to keep your retail business connected. When your hardwire connectivity turns off, USAT continuity solutions turn on. 

  • Parallel Networks
  • 3G/4G Failover
  • 4G LTE Failover
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Kiosk Communications

As businesses and retailers strive to maximize client services, unassisted kiosks are becoming a viable method of managing high customer volume while minimizing operating costs. USAT can help get your kiosks connected to provide our retail operations with valuable data in real-time.

  • Pop-Up Store-Within-A-Store With Air-Gapped Network
  • Monitor Network Health of Kiosk Remotely
  • Dual-Sim Network Failover—Use AT&T or Verizon
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Internet Connectivity for POS Kiosks
Point-of-Sale Communications Solutions from USAT

POS Connectivity

If your Point-of-Sale terminals lose connectivity all credit card processing at your location comes to a standstill. With over 75% of the public utilizing debit and credit cards in place of cash payments, that's a large hit to revenue. Reach out to USAT to set-up a networking solution that ensures you never have to absorb a loss due to poor internet connections.

  • Parallel Networks with Failover
  • PCI-Compliant Wireless Communications
  • Hardened Networks with SD-WAN
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Store Security Communications

Is running ethernet cables across your facility unmanageable or cost prohibitive? Wireless back-haul of situational awareness technology is your retail organization’s best option. The IoT-enabled routers USAT provides can allow you to easily and seamlessly connect with wireless cameras, sensors, and other security devices across your entire stores, branches, warehouses or yards.

  • Wireless Camera & Sensor Back-haul
  • SD-WAN to Manage Devices Behind the Router
  • Drop-In Video Surveillance Solutions to Deter Theft
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Security Communications for Retail Operations
Digital Signage Communications for Branch Locations

Digital Signage Communications

Your wireless kiosks, ATMs, vending machines, and digital advertising banners and signs are facilitating your business and all require reliable internet communications to function as planned. Combined with top communications networks and device management software, you can monitor these devices and their customer interactions in real-time. Make updates to key messaging content remotely and safely removed from the corporate network.

  • Parallel Networking for Accessibility & Security
  • Robust Device Management in Single-Pane-Of-Glass
  • Wireless Connectivity for Seasonal/Temporary Displays
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Building Automation Communications

As your buildings and retail facilities grow and technological capabilities expand, your "dumb" facilities are getting smarter and smarter. With wireless sensors and other communications devices you can regulate the lighting, HVAC and more within the facilities you operate to maximize efficiency. Energy management automation saves real dollars for big and medium box stores. Contact USAT to get the communications devices and networks you need for your smart facility operations—securely air-gapped from the corporate network.

  • Intelligent Lighting & HVAC Back-Haul
  • Easy Integration with OEM Control & Automation systems
  • Communications with Private Networks and Airtime
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Building Automation Communications from USAT

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